After the Storm

Another term has vanished. Though there is the possibility that complaints will arrive and re-grading and deep sighs as debate over a just grade ensues. I find this more common than it ever was when I taught in class. Students would write their exams in paper booklets in an examination room or hall – usually in a gym, (which seems somehow appropriate – but that might make another post, another day). They would hand them in early, or just as the invigilator/proctor called TIME… or keep scribbling frantically until I or someone paid to do this stood over them, waiting, foot tapping to take the examination paper.

That would be that. The papers collected, graded, final grades calculated and entered into the gradebook.

But today, a certain percentage of students in online courses send emails insisting they could not have done so badly on the final examination as they knew they wrote incisive analysis, or at least did better than the grade they received. Please would I, could I, read it over again and change their grade to the proper A that they know they earned. Universities being what they are today allow a formal appeal and a committee of mysterious assemblage then takes the work and does some sleight of hand to mollify the consumer (aka student).  I don’t know if this is common for ‘in class’ courses now. Maybe the problem is general. I only know I would hate to be an employer or a colleague of someone who constantly complained that their less than satisfactory work was somehow someone else’s doing. I worked in the head office of a major corporation for twenty years and cannot quite wrap my head around, or imagine even, someone like that lasting more than a week in employment. But, perhaps as we graduate more and more, this will become a problem for the business world too.

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