Slip Sliding Away

A quick post before I attempt to get back on track with actual, real-time, deadlines passing online teaching…..

A basic problem with teaching online is the lack of a specific time of day when you must be teaching. I have thought of this problem only from the perspective of the student. If students do not have a scheduled lecture or seminar class to attend, will they adhere to deadlines for assignments? Or more commonly, do they produce those assignments at the last minute? And I mean ‘last minute’ because my online courses have specific date and time deadlines. It has become common over the 13 years I have taught online courses for a very few students to post early in the week of a one week discussion topic, for example. A larger group, say about 30% will post in the two or three days prior to the deadline. Then another 50% on the last day…. and then the remaining roughly 20% post in the last hour or even half hour (or even last minute and beyond).

But, what about me?  Teaching occurs in my courses in History during discussion assignments. I read posts and respond, to praise, correct, guide, add, subtract. But what happens when I let things slide due to other committments and do not post responses myself until the last day or even last hour?

Perhaps if I looked hard at my own psychology and practices I could find a way to institute changes for students too.


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I paint with words Poetry and prose I teach online and write about online teaching
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