I am still working my way through the course revision for Religion & Society in the Modern World. Files came back from an editor last week and I am working my way through them. I am reminded how important it is to have a fresh pair of eyes look at written work before it goes live. In one place today, I had mentioned a ‘Protestant bishop’ in Wales writing in the 16th century a defence of reformed Christianity that would appeal to the Welsh. The editor suggested I name the man. I agreed, but for the life of me could not remember who he was or where I had found the information for that paragraph. So… being an online course…. being a writer of eBooks… being someone constantly on the net…. I started googling, then even searching the university library online to look at articles and eBooks that might have supplied the source. Finally I gave up and rewrote the section to take a detour around the original idea.

Then, flash!  I recalled where I might have found the information when I first wrote this course many years ago.

A book!

A real, live, ink on paper book, with cover, beginning middle and end!

I went into my home library, grabbed the volume: A History of Religion in Britain, edited by Gilley and Sheils. I remember clearly having found it on ABE books and ordering it from a bookstore in Vancouver, I think. It was just what I needed. And most usefully, unlike most histories of religion in the British Isles, it included a good deal of information on Wales! So, I did the old fashioned thing, opened the book and settled back in my office wing chair and read! Mind you, I had my iPhone close at hand for security; one must not go too wild. And there he was: Richard Davies, the ‘Protestant bishop’ whose name I needed.


Found in a book!  Of all places. Hmmmmm.

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  1. rothpoetry says:

    You caught me totally by surprise! I love it… you found it in a book! How good is that! Maybe there is hope after all!!

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