Links: the ties that soar

I am surfacing a bit from the frantic world of course revisions. My online courses contain a lot of links to outside web pages. I do this for good reasons (I hope). Firstly, to direct students to good, scholarly sites and away from nutty polemical places of the sort that take up a huge proportion of the world wide web. Increasingly top museums, for example, have excellent web sites and are leaders in producing sites that are active and interesting rather than merely static collections of text. Mind you, they all contain good essays on particular focussed topics. I would be mad to attempt to recreate all this scholarship on my own, rather than linking to the work of good analysis already done and freely available. This is particularly important as I encourage and allow students to present visually oriented online presentations of religious art and architecture using PowerPoint or Prezi, or Keynote I should add as a Mac user myself.

Another feature I wanted to include are intralinks. That is, if I mention a concept or idea I introduced earlier I would love to have an intralink on a word or phrase that could allow the student to jump back to that to refresh their understanding. More importantly, I would like to use these internal links to demonstrate how concepts and ideas can be cross cultural or cross temporal.

But. I was told that while these are technically possible – as I knew already as I use them in my Mac Pages or iBook Author programs easily – they would not allow them as they would cause too much work to repair each year. Apparently they would stop working?  Hmmm.


and again:  Hmmmmm.

I think, once the course revision is done, I will (as I am contractually allowed) produce an eBook textbook version on my own with all the bells and whistles I know are useful and easily done.


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