the non-geometric mind

I am presently working on a revision of an online course. Part of this revision involves creating an ‘evolving concept map’.  I spent some time googling around to discover what exactly this might be, and when found, it looked interesting. Well, if the word ‘interesting’ means complex and daunting, then that is the word. The idea is to present an evolving concept map that grows with each of six course modules. Courses at my university are designed to fit 12 class weeks in front of a live class in a physical classroom. This does not always fit historical eras or cultural movements that blend into one another. It fits online teaching even more poorly.

I identified six that do overlap (of course) but six worked better than twelve. Each of these will have a pie chart showing the changing hues of three themes running through the study of the relationship between religion and society. And each of the six will have a concept map that shows linkages among cultural aspects.

But it all seems too much like my nightmare experience of High School Geometry. My brain does not easily comprehend carefully charted linkages. Rather I easily grasp a whole scene in depth. Well I must do it and will likely learn from the experience.


Fig1CmapAboutCmaps-large.png 2,789×1,679 pixels


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