My six year old Brain

I am involved currently in revising an online course. One of the new features will be an ongoing concept map. Until Wikipedia enlightened me, I had only the vaguest idea what this might be – and wikipedia informed me that the inventor of the concept map, Joseph D. Novak taught children as young as six to create concept maps. This article also led me to click on a link to constructivism, a theoretical approach to the nature of learning. I hastily returned as I do not wish to become mired in educational theory. I went back to cyberspace and found the official guide.

But, this blog and the book that will come of it, are not about theory, but about how an instructor instructs online – in the trenches, as it were.

Well, I will let you know whether I am up to the level of a six year old!


About notlimey

I paint with words Poetry and prose I teach online and write about online teaching
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