Today I received an introductory email from a major academic press. They had information I was teaching a particular course in the Fall semester and wanted to chat about a textbook, assuring me they would have some appropriate work.

I answered that the course is taught entirely online. I added  I allowed no print books or paper at all, that the course was designed for anyone anywhere with an internet connection. More to the point, I noted that I had links to articles which when  added to the course notes formed an online textbook.

I did not want the publisher rep to feel too bad, so I said also that if they had an appropriate eBook, I would consider listing it as an optional text for the students.

I wonder how usual it is to follow this route? I wonder how many instructors in online courses have no print books or materials required? Is this a trend, or am I unique, or at least, unusual?

I think I will search around the net and the web to see what I can see. If I find any reasonably trustworthy data, I will edit this post.


About notlimey

I paint with words Poetry and prose I teach online and write about online teaching
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