Back at it!

I have rather neglected this blog for some time, but have decided to be good and post regularly from now on. Why you may ask?

I attended an online conference sponsored by the Alliance of Independent Authors. One session was devoted to writing a book from a blog. By this the presenter meant a regular blog on a specific, focussed topic could become a book – either an eBook (and given the topic of this blog, that is the only sensible format) or a printed book.

This is by way of introduction. I have written posts sporadically but will now as I say, post regularly. I started this blog as part of a Fellowship I won at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada where I had hoped to spark an online discussion on teaching online courses by instructors themselves.

That did not happen.  I know also there are many books and articles in academic circulation teaching and philosophizing the techniques and strengths/weakness of online education. What this blog and later eBook, will do differently is to present a journal of thoughts and ideas by an online instructor drawn from actual experience and not theory.

I will blog until the end of the year (and probably beyond) at which point I should have enough for a good, meaty eBook.


About notlimey

I paint with words Poetry and prose I teach online and write about online teaching
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