Education online & the Shouting Culture

I viewed on YouTube an episode of ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’ this morning on narcissism. Steve Paikin was interviewing W. Keith Campbell, an American psychologist who studies narcissism in modern western society – mostly in the U.S. I think.  He sees this as an epidemic which is having and will have dire consequences for western civilization. He was not too sanguine or forthcoming on means to combat this form of decadence.  I began to think, well, what about education as a means to counter the narcissism epidemic.  One result of narcissism has put debate, discussion, dialogue on its death bed.  Rather than discuss issues in a useful manner, people on different sides of an issue shout past each other.  They do so because each person is so wrapped up in their own essential ‘rightness’ that they do not listen. One task of a teacher is to counter this shouting culture that has grown out of narcissism. The online educator has perhaps the lead in this as much of this shouting culture occurs on line. Well constructed online courses can emphasize and promote the use of evidence and cool rather than overheated discussion based on this evidence. The shouters are accustomed to googling sites to support their views and jump from place to place in this search.  An online course that allows for and even promotes non-linear, but three dimensional research can inculcate reasoned discussion and debate.


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