This past Monday, the librarian who has responsibility for the Religion courses I teach at the University of Guelph/Humber came to my one lecture class to talk about doing scholarly research in the Humanities.  This is a welcomed and necessary talk I ask the Library to provide at the beginning of each term as Guelph/Humber is an unusual university as its Humanities courses are all electives – their program is highly focussed and includes only practical, ‘you have a good chance of getting a job’ after graduation programs.  

The librarian gave an effective presentation using Powerpoint. But I also teach – and mostly teach – online. So I was also provided with a YouTube version – the slides with a voice over. I am thinking how to make students actually view this so I don’t get, as so often, citations which are not in any sense scholarly when they submit their essays.

Perhaps a discussion forum?  Graded?  




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