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The end of traditional universities?

I just read this short article on Linkedin where a Business prof who studies innovation in the market place includes the future of research universities. This is the full article, following is the section which interests me…     … Continue reading

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This is Learning without Frontiers

An exciting idea I recently stumbled across while searching ‘creativity’ in Youtube….. I will be posting more about this project as I delve into it.

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Update on Prezi link

I convinced the DE department at my university to add the link to my course site – as long as I promised faithfully not to make it required.  This was an easy promise as any material presented to students … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment None of the examples outlined in this article describing the experience of online education at Stanford U in California come from the Humanities or Arts – but the essence of what they describe matches exactly.  Innovation and interaction are … Continue reading

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