iTunes U and YouTube university courses

I spent part of this evening  skimming through various videos and audio podcasts to supplement my History of Religion classes. What I found was mostly dreadful.  What is it about universities that have huge amounts of money, that they they cannot produce a good video university lecture course?  Why is it they merely set up a camera and video tape some lecturer speaking to a class?  In a lecture class, there is a physical connection with the lecturer and with other students – a degree of connectivity based on actual presence.  This does not translate well at all to video.  Actually I found the podcasts better, as you focussed your imagination on the voice.   What you see in all the courses I perused today, was a lecturer, usually standing behind a podium or perhaps more animated and striding back and forth across a stage – pointing at  slides on a large screen.

This simply does not work online.  I will have to think about what would work – but I suggest, a necessary integration of split screens, inserted video clips in the video, a better focus on the pictures shown and less on the lecturer [very few lecturers in my experience are as good as they think they are – some are – most aren’t, as I dredge my memory from my days as as student].  All are better when you are a student sitting in a lecture hall, than when viewing their imperfect presentation style on a computer screen.  It is no accident that TV announcers and TV and film actors must spend years honing their craft.  The screen changes things.

Anyway, something to think about when I start to use my own videos in my online courses.


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