Teaching Online: a conversation

So here it begins – late evening of March 29, 2012 and this blog.

I hope to begin a conversation here about teaching online. I teach History at the University of Guelph in Ontario and most of what I have to say will be directed in that way. But insights from any source would be welcomed.

I admit it is partially to fulfil the terms of a Fellowship I was awarded by the innovative people at the of Guelph and CUPE Local 3913 [Unit 2 for Sessional Lecturers]. Basically I am to develop guidelines for teaching online in the College of Arts – but especially in the Humanities. My expertise comes from eight years of teaching online, but more than mere experience, I enjoy teaching in this fashion, to put it more forcefully and plainly, I prefer teaching on the net to the classroom.

Online courses are not for everyone. But even someone who regards this new form of pedagogy with a deep-seated suspicion can reach students, open minds and instil a love of the discipline using this medium, by applying a number of fairly basic approaches.

For tonight, in this opening post I merely want to set the tone for this conversation about online teaching, and invite anyone interested to watch as the site is born, grows to maturity, then expands and at some point in the future dies, to be replaced by something better.

Ted Smith


About notlimey

I paint with words Poetry and prose I teach online and write about online teaching
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